4 inch Square Glass Coaster

Artist: Alicia Munch


“When I was just a little girl, there would be moments during my elementary school days when I would get bored and I would get up and grab a piece of paper and markers or crayons. I would always just start drawing.

I grew up in Medford, Long Island, in a little neighborhood called Eagle Estates. I attended school at Eagle Elementary School, and during my school years I would take part in going to the art room. The art room was where I created some gorgeous pieces of art. I would start to grab a sketchbook and I would just start doodling. I would start drawing pictures of horses because I have always been fond of horses since I was a little girl.

I like to sit where it is nice and quiet enough for me to get my processes in motion. When creating any of my art pieces, I feel very relaxed. When I see my beautiful work in somebody’s office, I have a feeling of great appreciation that people would take the time to purchase my piece.

I know deep in my heart that it is probably filling other people’s hearts with warmth and love.” – Alicia Munch

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Dimensions 4 × 4 in