Empowering a community starts with supporting individuals of all abilities.
Alicia Munch

When I was just a little girl, there would be moments during my elementary school days when I would get bored and I would get up and grab a piece of paper and markers or crayons. I would always just start drawing....

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Sep 02, 2018
Jason Churchill

My name is Jason Churchill. I live in Huntington, New York. I started doing art therapy when I was about 13 years old and I liked it ever since. My favorite form of art is drawing and painting. I also enjoy doing...

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Sep 03, 2018
Christina Day

Christina Day’s full story coming soon!

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Apr 23, 2019
Eileen Powers

Eileen Power’s full story coming soon!

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Apr 23, 2019



Fancy FREE is run by individuals in various vocational programs of FREE, and provides necessary and rewarding work readiness and active community engagement experience. It is conveniently located near the Target entrance in the Broadway Mall in Hicksville, NY.